Our History

Scientific origin

In 2016, Dr. Terry Lidarssi, creator of Floradyle®, develops the formula. To achieve this, he put all his scientific knowledge at the service of the project. Active in the industry for many years, this bleaching kit was originally sold to dentists and pharmacists.

International Deployment

Building on this success, as of 2017, the company has sold its products worldwide. China, Japan, USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, our team has crisscrossed each of these countries in fairs and exhibition halls for professionals in the dental and cosmetic industry.

Local company

Dr. Terry Lidarssi and his team of multi-disciplinary scientists, who created the Floradyle® brand, are still at the helm of the company today. Their motivation: to guarantee you products healthy, natural and respectful of the environment.

Values ​​to Transmit

Above all, what we are looking for through the deployment of Floradyle® on the internet is to transmit our values ​​to the greatest number. We believe that at our level we can help promote a more balanced, healthier and more natural life.