Q: Where can I buy my Floradyle® dental whitening kit?

A: You can buy your Floradyle® dental whitening kit in your pharmacy or chemist's. Floradyle® products are also available online, at www.floradyle.com for instance.

Q: How do I use it?

1. Turn the crown which can be found on the other end from the brush of your gel pen. Evenly apply 2 drops of gel over the upper teeth and 2 drops over the lower teeth. There is no need to apply to the gums. For the best results, take care that your lips do not touch your teeth, as this may remove the gel that you have just applied. Keep your mouth open and place the gutter DIRECTLY between your teeth.

2. Connect the LED appliance to an iPhone or Android smartphone using the double adapter.

3. Make sure you have placed the dental gutter into the mouth before switching it on.

4. Activate the product with the switch. Arrange yourself in a semi-horizontal position (on your bed or sofa, for instance) with your head tilted slightly backwards (so that your saliva does not flow forwards and remove the gel from your teeth). During this time, you can have fun with your smartphone or watch the TV, for example.

5. The timer will stop automatically 25 minutes later with an audible beep. Take the gutter out of your mouth (and wash it in clean, COLD water after use).

6. To finish, clean your teeth STRAIGHTAWAY with FLORADYLE® toothpaste. For the desired effect, the gel and toothpaste must be used together. It is essential to use FLORADYLE® toothpaste rather than any other brand.

Q: What is the best time of day to use Floradyle®?

A: In the evening.

Q: Has Floradyle® been tested on animals?

A: Floradyle® and the ingredients used in it have not been tested on animals.

Q: Why should my lips not touch my teeth when there is Floradyle® gel on them?

A: So that your lips do not remove the gel from your teeth, otherwise the results will not be as good.

Q: Is Floradyle® safe?

A: Yes. If it is used properly and according to the instruction leaflet, Floradyle® does not present any particular danger. All the ingredients are food grade and do not contain hydrogen peroxide. All the studies have demonstrated and proved that 100% of the people who have used it have had an excellent level of tolerance to Floradyle®, with no sensitivity, as long as there are no pre-existing dental or buccal problems, of course.

Q: Is this product better than that offered by dentists?

A: It is a different product, which can either be used in complement to that of dentists or if your teeth are too sensitive to be whitened by the dentist.

Q: Can Floradyle® be used with crowns or implants?

A: Floradyle® will whiten natural teeth and will only have a slight effect on crowns, veneers and dental prostheses.

Q: Does Floradyle® contain ingredients derived from animals?

A: Floradyle® does not contain any ingredients derived from animals. Floradyle® is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Q: How long do the results last?

A: That depends on your dental hygiene. Products such as tobacco, red wine, tea and coffee can lead to further discoloration. Floradyle® whitening toothpaste will help you to keep the results you have obtained for longer.

Q: Has the efficacy of Floradyle® been medically, scientifically and clinically proven?

A: Yes, the safety and efficacy of Floradyle® has been medically, scientifically and clinically proven. Floradyle® does not contain hydrogen peroxide. Studies have demonstrated that Floradyle® does not cause any sensitivity.

Q: Does Floradyle® whiten all teeth effectively?

A: Floradyle® is not effective on interior tooth discoloration caused by medicines such as tetracycline-based antibiotics, for example. Floradyle® is only superficially active on the outer surface of teeth.

Q: Does Floradyle® hold all the legal documentation needed for its marketing?

A: Floradyle® is a cosmetic product which holds all the authorisations and legal documentation for Belgium and all European countries.

Q: What result can be hoped for with Floradyle®?

A: The results of whitening vary from one user to another and depend on the origin of the discoloration of the teeth. It also depends on the degree of discoloration of the teeth before treatment. The more marks there are, the more remarkable the effects.

Q: In what case is it unadvisable to use Floradyle®?

A: You should not use this product if you have the least dental or oral health problem or if you are allergic to one of its ingredients. Consult your dentist if you have the smallest doubt about using FLORADYLE®.

Q: How many times a year can I use Floradyle®?

A: You can use it as often as you wish.

Q: What should I do if I develop sensitivity in my teeth or gums?

A: Floradyle® does not contain hydrogen peroxide, so sensitivity in the teeth or gums is hardly ever caused. Even so, if you feel pain or have excessive sensitivity, we would advice you to consult your dentist or pharmacist.

Q: Can I use Floradyle® if I suffer from problems with my teeth and/or gums?

A: No.

Q: Can I use Floradyle® if I have undergone dental treatment?

A: Do not use Floradyle® during fewer than two weeks before and after having undergone dental treatment or an orthodontic treatment (crown, implant, filling etc.).

Q: What is USB OTG?

A: All current Android Smartphones have a micro or USB-C port. The main function of these ports is to recharge the device or to transfer data between it and a PC or Mac. But what you might not know is that, thanks to OTG, they can do a good deal more than this. In fact, you can transform your Smartphone into a veritable docking station for other connected devices, in particular the FLORADYLE® LED mouth tray. And what's more, you can even connect peripheral devices like a flash drive or a hard disk. In other words, it acts like your computer's USB port.

Q: Is my device OTG compliant?

A: It's rare these days for a device not to be fitted with USB On-The-Go (OTG) technology. However, manufacturers do not always offer it. There are several ways you can check if your phone is compatible:
- Look at the features on the original packaging or on the manufacturer's website.
- Perform a simple Google search.
- Check in your parameters and settings. Sometimes you just need to activate the OTG option.

Q: Precautions for use:

A: Store away from light at a temperature of between 10° and 25° C. Keep out of reach of children. For cosmetic use only. Do not allow product to come into contact with the eyes or nose, and do not swallow. In the event of an adverse reaction, rinse well with clean water and discontinue the treatment. Do not use this product if you have any dental problems or an allergy to any of the ingredients. Items such as dentures, fillings and veneers do not respond very effectively to the whitening procedure. Do not wash mouth tray in hot water! Consult your dentist if you have any questions about using FLORADYLE®.