The technical secret of Floradyle's effectiveness: liquid enamel.

What is this? 

Calcium, raw material of the tooth, of natural origin, in a unique form of hydroxyapatite: by exploding it in microcrystals and heating it at a very high temperature, it becomes liquid, which makes it possible to integrate it in the gel contained in the Floradyle kit.

How it works? 

Applied as a gel and subjected to the blue light of the gutter connected to the mobile phone, the enamel liquid is transformed by photo-reaction and polymerization. It hardens and settles on the teeth. It thus forms a protective layer and a reflective screen that increases and prolongs the whiteness obtained thanks to the prebiotics that also contains the gel. These prebiotics increase the number of good bacteria present in the mouth and thus optimize the composition of the oral flora, guaranteed a brilliant smile.

The result? 

Efficiency in two stages and long lasting. First, prebiotics attack the bad bacteria that directly and indirectly cause yellowing of the teeth. This is the first whiteness effect. Then, the enamel liquid settles and attaches to the teeth forming a glossy layer that reflects light and maintains the whiteness effect.