This warranty (the 'Warranty') applies to all countries in which the Floradyle® LED mouth tray, with Smartphone connectivity (the 'Product'), is sold by HAULIGA or an authorised dealer.

HAULIGA guarantees that, at the time of first purchase, the Product is free of any defect in materials, design or workmanship, subject to the following provisions and conditions:

1. The Warranty is provided to the original purchaser of the Product (the 'Customer') and the Product is for domestic not business use. It in no way restricts the Customer's rights under mandatory provisions in relevant national legislation nor the Customer's rights under their contract with the dealer/distributor of the Product.

2. The legal Warranty Period is determined by national legislation in the relevant country. In Belgium, this is a maximum of two years from the date the first Customer purchased the Product from Hauliga or from an authorised dealer (the 'Warranty Period'), with usage not to exceed 500 hours during this period.

3. The warranty is granted exclusively to the customer who made the original purchase for domestic use, and is not, therefore, transferable.

4. The Warranty is valid provided that the Customer supply the original proof of purchase with the Product, this being an invoice, receipt, cash receipt, or warranty certificate issued by an authorised dealer and accompanied by a till receipt or by the proof of payment by credit card if the purchase took place over the internet. Proof of purchase must show date of purchase, a description of the Product and, if applicable, the name of the authorised dealer and the serial and batch numbers. Hauliga reserves the right to deny a Warranty claim in cases when the abovementioned documents cannot be produced or when the information they should contain is incomplete or illegible.

5. The Warranty covers the Product for domestic use only. This Warranty is reduced to six months if the Product is used for business purposes. It ends if the Product has been leased commercially.

6. During the Warranty Period, Hauliga will repair or replace the faulty Product, free of charge, at its own discretion and subject to available stock. Hauliga will return to the Customer the repaired Product or another Product in good working order. All parts and any other materials that have been exchanged will become the property of Hauliga. Hauliga may not be held responsible for stock shortages or for full or partial strikes in the transportation sector, or fire or flood, that cause a stock shortage.

7. The Warranty Period for a repaired or replaced Product may not be extended or renewed.

8. The Customer undertakes to return the Product in its original Floradyle® packaging. Shipping costs will be paid in advance by the customer. Shipping costs will be reimbursed solely in the form of a voucher redeemable against products in the Floradyle® range and limited to the costs of transportation in Belgium.

9. The Warranty applies to defects arising during use of the Product in accordance with the instructions. It does not cover maintenance or repair or replacement of parts as a result of normal wear and tear. Hauliga's responsibility will in all cases be limited to the order value.

10. Furthermore, the Warranty does not apply when:

10.1. The defect was caused as a result of: a failure to use the Product in accordance with instructions, rough handling, exposure to an environment or temperature other than that stipulated by Hauliga in the instructions for use, or to rapid changes in these conditions, exposure to a natural catastrophe, flood, fire, sabotage, Smartphone breakdown, use of chemicals, criminal act, exposure to corrosion, oxidation, unauthorised modifications or use, repairs by unapproved repairers or by the Customer himself, repairs carried out using unauthorised parts, incorrect use, incorrect power supply, failure to follow instructions, incorrect installation, accident, forces of nature, contact with hot liquid or any substance or heat source exceeding 38 °C, the action of chemicals or any other act reasonably outside Hauliga's control;

10.2. The Customer has not informed Hauliga or the authorised retailer of the Product about the defect within thirty (30) days of the appearance of the defect during the Warranty Period;

10.3. The Product has not been returned to Hauliga or to the authorised dealer of the Product within sixty (60) days of the appearance of the defect during the Warranty Period;

10.4. The serial or batch number of the Product or any other identification number has been removed, erased, damaged, altered or is illegible;

10.5. The defect results from the fact that the Product has been used with a product or accessory not manufactured or supplied by Hauliga.

10.6.More generally, no lack of conformity is deemed to exist if, when the contract of sale was concluded, the customer-consumer was aware of this defect or could not reasonably have been unaware of it or if the lack of conformity arose as a result of materials provided to Hauliga by the customer or a third party.

11. The Warranty is the Customer's only means of redress against Hauliga and is Hauliga's sole and exclusive liability towards the Customer for defects in the Product. The Warranty replaces all other warranties and liabilities, whether verbal, written, legal (insofar as this is not mandatory), contractual, tort or other. Hauliga is not responsible for incidental damages or costs whether directly or indirectly arising from the use of the LED mouth tray. Any modification to the Warranty requires the prior written agreement of Hauliga. The Warranty is subject to Belgian law, unless and insofar as any binding standards prevail in the Customer's place of residence or registered office.

12. In addition to the legal warranty hereby provided for, the purchaser enjoys the statutory warranty against latent defects provided for in Article 1641 of the Belgian Civil Code.

Exclusions from the Warranty agreement:

This Warranty does not cover the following:

  • maintenance and modifications resulting from abnormal use of the product,

  • negligence,

  • consumable items (items that are expected to need replacing periodically during the lifetime of a product),

  • damage or changes caused by improper use, including:

- treatment resulting in physical, cosmetic or surface damage or changes to the product or damage to the display,

- failure to install or use the product for its intended purpose or in accordance with the instructions on installation and use.

- failure to maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions,

- failure to install or use the product in accordance with the technical or safety standards or laws in force in the country in which it is installed or used,

- costs of shipping between the home address and the place of repair and other costs and risks of shipping directly or indirectly related to this warranty,

- breakdown caused by experimentation, overloading, abnormal testing, improper use or lack of maintenance, use inconsistent with the manufacturer's instructions,

- breakdowns caused by failure to apply basic safety rules,

- any breakdown occasioned by a cause external to the device in question.

This contract is automatically invalidated if action is taken by a person outside Hauliga's technical team.

This device complies with European standards.

CE certificates have been issued.